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After being tactically overwhelmed in the previous episode, the Not-So-Celestial-After-All-Beings must now fend off against their oppressors, with Allelujah and Tieria having to face greater odds as they are isolated from the main group. For once, we get to see that despite having a godly Gundam, the Meisters are still humans and are prone to mistakes and succumb to emotional trauma.

Among other revelations featured in this episode, we discover that Allelujah is some sort of Newtyp’ish genetically enhanced soldier similar to Soma. Also he has a split personality, where the other half is known as Hallelujah, a much more violent and volatile persona(aren’t they always?) After having experienced the same splitting headache(NEWTYPE FLASH!) whenever Soma is within the vicinity, Allelujah loses consciousness and is captured by the HRL.

After dispatching his share of the foes, Tieria arrives at the location where Allelujah was captured, and decides to terminate him along with the transport vessel the latter was being held. Fortunately, Soma interrupts and goes head on against Tieria. Virtue’s inherent weakness of having to pause between each shot is exploited by the enemy and Tieria finds himself in a literal bind. However, he unleashes his trump card, and GN-004 Nadleeh is revealed, whereby Virtue transform into its secondary mode by shedding its external armor, revealing a sleek Gundam with red hair-like cords protruding from the head.

Tiera makes waste of his enemies, prompting Sergei and Toma to make their retreat. They are intercepted by Hallelujah who taunts Soma into attacking him, although it proves futile, as he is able to anticipate her every moves. Sacrificing himself for Sergei and Toma to escape, the first lieutenant lunges at Kyrios attaching himself to it. What he didn’t expect was Hallelujah to slowly torture him to death, instead of finishing him off right away. This is when Allelujah pleads with his other self, as an disemboweled voice, although the former decides not to listen.

Despite having made the enemy withdrawn, it was a failure on the Celestial Beings behalf, as they made too many blunders which lead to this predicament, while making several narrow escapes, which could have lead to the capture of a Gundam unit or worse. Pretty intriguing episode, as I’ve mentioned before, sheds light on the fact having the best equipment around does not necessarily guarantee a win, and the development of both Allelujah and Tieria. Next week’s episode also seem to dedicate itself entirely to Allelujah, as we are given glimpses of his past and how he came to be who is today. Shin out.


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Gundam 00 – First Looks –

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