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Consisting of 3 main staff members, and 2 contributors, this is an anime blog like any other on the internet. The title for the blog(as suggested by gaiden) was inspired by the opening theme from the oft overlooked Nodame Cantabile, which is an excellent series, despite the fact Shin hates shoujo with a passion.

Other titles which were suggested that were later scrapped:

Random Awakening – there is actually a blog with this title, and it doesn’t mean anything in particular and sounds too similar to Random Curiosity.

Nanatsu Yoru – to attest to the fact that Shin is a rabid TYPE-MOON fanboy after he played the translated version of Tsukihime a year ago.

AnimuBlog – too generic, with that 4chan derived misspelling making it look even crappier.

Lolicon-no-Sekai – unfortunately this would probably attract too much attention from authorities.


We’re part of a growing community of Malaysian anime bloggers(yes, they exist. I think), so pardon the occasional usage of broken English here and there. Haha, yeah. Pretty much still useless info, but much more detailed now.

PS If you’re Malaysian blogger please contact us so we can add you to our blogroll, so we can form a cabal of anime bloggers and rule the world since we’re curious to see how many our kind actually exist. For everyone else, we’d love to trade links just the same. =)

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