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  1. And thus you were mentally fucked. But who cares, plot armor drives everything.

  2. I’m easily impressed by crazy plot h4x, which explains why I’m such a GL fag ^^;

  3. YAWNN more gundam = more models..

    I dont see how is this made of Wins…

  4. I don’t buy plamos to begin with, so I don’t see it from that aspect. Being the shallow fanboy that I am, I was just excited with the overpowered stuff portrayed in this episode, pretty much like how when the Gundams first showed up. Speaking of which, they’d probably dumb it down later on, so I might as well enjoy it while I can ^^

  5. Well, at least the new Gundam rocks, and I reckon the sight of Gundam Drei deploying its GN stealth field was pretty awesome.

    But of all the three new Gundam, Eins got to be my new fave unit. Why, it’s ridiculously large cannon, that why ^^. Overkill doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  6. I liked the pyschopath Michael’s a little more, although Eins is right there. I had always favored crazy people, hence the attraction to him ^^

  7. them deux ex machinas are getting very very very old…..-_- srsly it’s not fun seeing gundams pwn and win all the time. Theres no competition, no excitement, theres no satisfaction of being able to root for somebody. Its like a tennis match with the world no.1 and a few noobs who’ve only played the game for a month. THere’s just nothing to watch.

  8. Which is why I’m savoring this fleeting gratification to the fullest.

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