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It’s been a while since I last posted on Myself; Yourself, as I felt there wasn’t much worth mentioning, with the exception of last week’s eventful episode. This time however, the brick shittin’ , tear sheddin’ moments for this episode reminds me of why I love this show so much. Everything past this point is going to contain major plot spoilers, so be warned.

Previously on Myself; Yourself, the senile old lady finally snapped and tried to mutilate Syuri, only to have Asami intervene and receive the stabbing instead, which lands her in the hospital. Sana visits her the following day, bringing gifts. Asami then comments on the irony of having to visit someone hospital and actually ending up being admitted there. Perhaps, she says, it was a punishment from the gods. The puzzled Sana is then thrown into further bewilderment when Asami reveals to him that the anonymous letter was her doing. When questioned as to why she did it, she drops the bomb on him(and me) by saying that it all it began after she confessed to Syuri(OMG YURI) a year ago but was then rejected outright. Expecting the latter to ignore her after that, the ever kind Syuri acts as though nothing has happened and continues being good friends with her, and although Asami still bore some resentment, she caved in and decided to play the role of a good friend as well.

Everything went awry after the Asami saw Syuri crying at the amusement park, an expression that Shuu only gets to see. This triggered the jealous Asami’s vindictive nature and so she decided to make the pair suffer by sending the letter as well as scribbling the love umbrella on the chalkboard. Despite all the spite, she wonders why she took the blow meant for Syuri when the old lady when berserk. Sana then tells her that this was her true self and Asami, feeling a tinge of regret after that, cries.

The twins make their timely visit, to which Asami takes a moment to reveal everything to Syuri in private. The guys on the other hand spent that time at the courtyard talking, when Shuu brings Nanaka up, saying that she seems to have warmed up. Sana then tells him about the promise he made to her about being with her forever. Although it was conceited, Shuu comments, it was actually great of him. Syuri then runs out crying, embracing Shuu, as Sana just looks on, knowing very well what just took place.

The next day at school, the twins informs their friends that Syuri will be leaving for London soon. Aoi mentions that it was still okay, since it wasn’t eternal farewell. Later in class, Sana finds the twins missing and it suddenly hits him that, the pair has decided to elope run away, taking into consideration what Shuu said to him the previous day and his facial expression earlier at lunch.

We find the twins about to board the train, when Sana suddenly shows up in front of them, but it was too late. Just as he was about to leave the station, Sana bumps into Aoi’s mother and borrows his bike. [Dramatic Moment] Sana then cycles with all his might to the same railway bridge where Shuu first said his farewells many years ago, and utters the same line back[/Dramatic Moment]

Wow, what a great episode. Certainly didn’t expect that bit with Asami, as I merely expected her to play the supportive role of just making Nanaka green with envy, but she turns out to be more than that, and an antagonist at that. It was sad to see the Wakatsuki twins leave like that, and the way writers did the farewell was commendable. Judging from the preview, we’ll be heading back to Nanaka’s route, which leaves Aoi without one, who incidentally is the only one without any issues whatsoever. Is it safe to say that Aoi is nothing more than a fanservice character? Who knows. Shin out.

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