My Wonfes Wishlist :(

February 26, 2008 at 10:07 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous, Otaku | 14 Comments

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  1. Shit! Too many that I want. Kamina, Rika and Satoko, and Fate.

    I’m already poor enough as it is. ORZ

  2. Only figure you have (Mizuho) is the only figure I REALLY want right now. wwwwwww

  3. Lol at the under skirt shot xD

  4. wow!! so kawaii!! I want one too lol.. ^__^

  5. Darn, the horo figure is so cute and Anubis is cool! Now send me a map of that kidney center lol^^

  6. In response to your comment on another blog about ADV not listing an updated release date for Gurren Lagann, that’s because thy RELEASED IT ON SCHEDULE…yesterday, you can buy vol1 it on amazon now.

  7. Thanks the heads up ^^

  8. Looking forward to Kotobukiya’s Elwing.

  9. Dark Rin and especially Dark Saber are scary. ;_;

  10. SO MANY MIKUS and Kagami looks so moe.

    The Higurashi figures don’t look that great IMO.

  11. Oh lawl, I just found out you can get Kagami miko on her own instead of buying it in a set.


    Well, they’re the best ones I’ve seen to date so far, the rest were just gashapon quality mini figurines ._.

  12. Too bad I couldn’t go! Thanks for posting the pics tho :) The Lucky Star Miko figures are soooo cute

  13. Fate Stay Night cosplay of Kagami and Konata is best IMO. too bad they are limited edition figures.

  14. Your blog’s layout is straightforward and clean and i enjoy it. Your blog posts are awesome. Please keep them coming. Great!!!

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