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  1. Funny, I don’t like Hiromi at all … and in the preview…omg …she better not be doing what i think she’s doing…or else…

    knowing its a shinxhiromi ending but hoping for a shinxnoe. well, at least let us see more of the cute couple…i wonder how they’ll break up, if they do.

    and jun blushing was so weird..but at least now we know he DOES have a sister complex, after not denying it and so forth. so he DOES have feelings for Noe other than brotherly love, right?

    anime siscon ftw!

  2. I feel bad for Noe, but I’m sorta rooting for Hiromi all the way.

  3. I think I’ll quit while I’m still ahead ._.

  4. I hope Hiromi doesn’t sleep with number 4 just to drown her sorrows. :(

    And wtf with sitting with Jibeta? I know that scene is supposed to look cute but do you know how fuckin smelly a chicken coop really is, especially with chicken poop all over the place?

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