Spring Surprises

February 20, 2008 at 11:26 pm | Posted in Anime, Miscellaneous | 9 Comments
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  1. Dude Itazura na Kiss and Special A is where it’s at. (Along with Vampire Knight)

  2. I’m looking forward to To-Love-Ru, Soul Eater, MACROSS FRONTIER, Maybe that Gay one, Maybe Itazura na Kiss, Maybe the kitty one.

  3. LOL. Looking forward to Junjou Romantica! The yaoi fangirls are definitely on the lookout for the next season XD

  4. Junjou Romantica, eh? Lol, more yaoi bait for the masses ^^. Also looking forward to To-Love-Ru and Code Geass. Chi’s Sweet Home does sound like it’s make out of win as well.

  5. To-love-Ru, Code Geass R2, wagaya no oinari sama , and macross frontier on my list. vampire knight looks quite promising as well.

  6. I didn’t list Vampire Knight because it’s got shoujo as part of its genre Not to mention the fact it reminds me too much of the atrocious Zombie Loan.=P But yeah, I’ll probably try an episode or 2.

  7. Code Geass and Macross at the very least for me. If there’s time, Vampire Knights and the mystery one with Edogawa Ranpo influences too.

  8. OMFG A BL SERIES FINALLY ? Thank god it’s not another ova lol. Why u so gay shin? hahahaha

  9. Oh hey, didn’t realise time passes so fast! Finally RD is coming.. and Toshokan Sensou.. and xxxholic too yay. Oh another Gonzo? But Druaga looks interesting… And a BONES anime too? Hmmm.. Soul Eater sounds lame lol.

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