D.I.Y Yukine’s Get A Girl Stuck In A Gym Equipment Storage Room With You Charm~

February 12, 2008 at 12:21 am | Posted in Anime, Clannad, Miscellaneous, Otaku | 14 Comments
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  1. LOL. I tried with 20 sen coins too. It failed.

  2. I even tried with glue but it wouldn’t gel ._.

  3. I think the Mythbusters guys would end up building the uber precise robot (like they always do) to solve this one.

    Although, to know that this is humanly impossible is depressing.

  4. I don’t have 10 yen coins to be able to try this.

  5. It’s really really easy with HK 20 cent or 2 dollar coins. Took me all of ten seconds or so.

  6. ya need thicker coins for teh stability. Some singapore/nz $2 dollar coins might work.

    But its not the charm. Tomoya’s just plain lucky. Otherwise he won’t have been able to balance the coins in the first place.

    I loev that ep anyways. You guys can have Kyou, I’ll take Tomoya kthxbai. :D

  7. i came, i tried, i failed. *sobs* (used 50 sen coins)

  8. Do the ridges on the coins help or hurt?

    I imagine a very level surface is needed also.

    I want to try this… Watch me actually get it but then forget to say the phrase 3 times before the coins fall. orz

  9. Apparently it helps. Mine were the newer issue ones, so it was all smooth.

  10. Lol, manage to do it with a pair of Oz $2 coins. Now to see if kami-sama nice enough to give me some hawt Kyou lovin’ in a shed…I wish (^_^).

  11. I tried it with 2 one Peso coins, but I could only balance one; I think my table’s on an incline or something.

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  13. At least you managed to get one standing. Mine doesn’t want to balance themselves at all.

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