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  1. Can’t wait for the remaining girls to show up :D

  2. I’m staying away from the manga for as long as I can so I don’t get the disappointments from comparing.

  3. Well, for me this series has just become lamer with each episode. I have no objection at all to fanservice, but there needs to be something else to watch too otherwise it’s just an H title without the T&A. I’ll have to drop this one – another ‘meh’ title in a ‘meh’ season…

  4. Water isn’t really a vampire weakness according to vampire lore but holy water is.

    There has only been one situation where vampires were weak to water and I think that’s where the guys that created this story took it from and that was in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver series where vampires are weak to water.

  5. Belela-san: lawl, tell that to GONZO

  6. lol shin made the right choice i think as of now, cause as of episode 7, their doing a character introduction a little to early… <.<;;

  7. I’ve just started watching this anime. The story is so cute :D Moka is also cute.. very ecchi lol

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