Megami Magazine Mmm’kay?

February 5, 2008 at 1:58 am | Posted in Miscellaneous, Otaku | 17 Comments
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  1. lordy i can’t imagine no one can keep themselves from fapping to this much material. lol

  2. Waiii, I’m confused. You don’t actually have Megami 94, do you? Because that doesn’t look like the cover.

    I’m guessing you got the scans off of imouto? >_> I’m sitting on 4 Megami’s right now and I’d never scan them because I just don’t have the equipment.

  3. No, that’s not it. It’s just issue 91 which I picked up in Area 11.

  4. #@$^@ I couldn’t find that issue anywhere.

  5. Not that great an issue. I just got it because it had the Nanoha Tribute handbook.

  6. This is Dec 2007 right? I thought there was some Yoko in it.

  7. hmm too bad the local Kinokuniya doesnt carry Megami anymore. The last time i asked them, they said their stock was mutilated by the customs. I did however managed to pick up Megami Deluxe issue 9 from Kinokuniya. (thats really odd)

    on a side note, i picked up issue 91 in area 11 as well.

  8. Images n.9 and n.10 seem broken, could you please reupload them? They are awesome! thanks.

  9. @Nagato



    Lawl, yeah, that was the only one left. Retarded Malaysian customs shitheads

    @Son Gohan


  10. Wanted that one too. D:

  11. woah. nice posters. im wondering how can put post 3 pictures together in 1 row. XD

  12. Megami is too expensive though. About RM50 a book?

    I rather be buying bukkake targets…uhhh i mean figyas.

    I have the Megami deluxe featuring 50% Haruhi stuff. :D

  13. Tama-chan FTW ^^.

  14. @Choo

    Trying not to make them exceed 550 pixels in total width as it’d screw the layout up ><


    Indeed. The magazine is only about RM22+ after conversion. Damn shipping costs.


    Needs more sexy Tama-chan shots ._.

  15. Megami magazine is indeed a great magazine, I managed to import at least two issues but I’d like to try and get a Dengeki Hime issue but the moment she’s out for pre-orders the orders get filled in a flash.

  16. OMG?!~ is that kyou and chiri-chan i see?! XD
    can’t wait to receive my vol 94!~ :3

  17. im needing an issue of megami 2007 vol 9 i beleve it has 2 girls on the cover. con tact me at

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