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  1. SISCON FTW! In the preview, Jun better have a good reason for touching Hiromi’s face like that. Hiromi and Shin ending is good, even though I personally like Noe better ‘cos “weird” people are much more fun to hang around with, and in anime relation, more enjoyable to watch. Hiromi’s rather dull and “normal” in my opinion, so I don’t really like her as much as the others. Anyway, I just want siscon. Jun should like Noe more than just a sister, ‘cos then that will build up so much tension, and in fact I’m more interested in this than Hiromi possibly being Shin’s half-sister.

  2. Indeed. Incestuous relationships tend to be more appealing, due to the tension and awkwardness preceding it that makes for good drama lawl. Still, I personally would prefer a Shin x Noe end myself, with the former finally shedding wonderful tears for her ;-;

  3. ShinxNoe ending is probably gonna happen..
    Aiko has Nobuse, Hiromi has Jun (really?), Noe has none other than Shin..

    Although a ShinxHiromi ending is good too..
    But Noe won’t have anyone else (besides her brother)..
    Siscon? weird..hehe…

  4. noe brother number 4 seems to have feeling for noe more than just a brother though. you get a hit of that when he his putting on her helm on ep 3… or was that 4.

  5. i was also thinking they might be half siblings glad im not the only one.

  6. i hope ShinxNoe may happen but i really don’t think it will cause thats not really the girl he is into. Noe is a sweet girl and she’ll find her own way even if Shin ends up with some1 else which is probably ganna happen X_X

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