Macross 25th Annivesary Convention

January 26, 2008 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous, Otaku | 23 Comments
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  1. Man, wish I was there. I’m a macros nut so yeah I would love to attend this. Btw the last pic rules (Gundam box ftw). And Hannah Tan ain’t that bad either, Lol ^^.

  2. Yup, unless you’re a fan, there’s nothing much here to cater to the ordinary folk like myself. The Gundam box was apparently the idea of some LYN forumers who were present lawl. About Hannah, it felt odd having someone like her in an event for otakus, but I guess that’s just me.

  3. Not that pose again! LOL.

    I thought the original Macross was just okay. Quite cheesy at times. Haha. You’re no longer in the club? o.o

  4. That’s the only pose I could think of ._. I’m a total Macross noob, so I didn’t get anything that was going on. I serve only as an advisor right now, so I’m no longer an official member per se. =P

  5. Well wish i could be there too as it seems so interesting.. Too bad got some errand to do but hope next year will be as good as this (I hope).

  6. Looks happening there..
    Maybe location in KL superior to deserted Nilai

  7. Funny, I expected a bigger turnout at Nilai too. Oh well.

    HAI KAMINA-SAN! demo Kamina-san, nande anta no Mecha wa “Gundam” da?

  9. o_O

    1. Nice Shirt.
    2.Shin+3D woman = stoic. You need to get out more. (Damnit she’s so hot how could you keep your face straight like that??!?)
    3.Hannah T looks out of place there. Niche anime fandom+mainstream media chick do not match. Bt I don’t think anyone’s complaining.
    3. Doesn’t look like a lot of ppl but given the circumstances…I’m not a Macross anime fan either, Frontier is my first time into the anime (I’ve read the american bastardization novels).Downloaded Do You Remember Love fansub but just can’t get used to the old school. :/
    4. Nice Figyas.
    5. Hows the club doing nowadays anyway?

    Lulz needs sleep. Won’t have minded attending myself but that’s the downside of being separated by a hugeass sea. :(

  10. 1. Thanks. I had more people noticing it here compared to CF too ^^

    2. I no longer have any interest towards 3D women =(. Hey, I do go out…to buy computer parts and anime stuff….

    3. That’s what I thought too. I didn’t mention this in the post, but I snickered when she referred the audience as enthusiasts, as she sort of hesitated for a split second, thinking of what to call us. Nerds? Otakus? Lawl.

    5. If you like robots.

    6. Same old, I guess. I’ve not went for meetings in forever lawl.

  11. Fun fact: Shin does not smile for the camera

  12. camera shyness? lol

  13. Shin does not smile for camera. SECONDED
    well at least the turn out looked better for MAC. Superior location is definitely a deciding factor.

  14. Dood, wry such serious expression? lolz

  15. I never smile. :<

  16. for what reasons? your and AI lifeform? lol Shinbot 2.0 or is that for intimidation purposes case your secretly in the mafia. XD

  17. I was brought up by wolves and from there I joined the chinese triad as a contract killer by the name of Tightlips Shin. I kill people by biting their thyroid and go kappuchu~ while doing so.


    Hmm…no Gundam Gaijin…..

  19. I kinda messed up that shot to be honest, since it was meant to be a little higher up, as shown here:

  20. LOLWUT? Hannah Tan? Who’s that? LAWL!

    Went there for the lulz. Kind of disappointed with Lin Minay though. *sigh*

    And i heard she was coerced, shame on you guys! :D

  21. Yeah, they forced her to do it. Hence the disinterested, reluctant face ><

  22. Where are the manly fusion? Mechas are not touching! ORE WO DARE DA TO OMOTTEIRU!

  23. The only Lagann product I found that I could wear was the cap ^^;

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