January 16, 2008 at 9:18 pm | Posted in Anime, Spice and Wolf | 10 Comments
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  1. Are you going to copypasta this or do I have to write my own? >_>;;

  2. lol for are-are right? XD

  3. I see you’ve already gone ahead. By all means.

  4. Now, about that Bamboo Blade 13…

  5. Watching Horo stroking her tail is strangely…erotic, for some reason. Og god, I’m turning abnormal, am I ^^.

  6. Nope, perfectly fine. I too, have already become furry for Horo ._.

  7. your easily susceptible to these things. lol

  8. Guilty as charged.

  9. ‘Well, excuse me for being virgin.’

    Honto ni, Shin? :P

  10. I doubt my losing it to my left hand counts?

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