Invasion of Area 11 – Final Day

December 26, 2007 at 9:05 pm | Posted in Anime, Japan, Miscellaneous, Otaku | 6 Comments

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  1. I dropped by Wapan today, but just in Osaka’s airport. The restrooms were … lol, automated soap dispenser. Also are you supposed to wipe down the toilet after you’re done? Because there was a cleansing solution dispenser in the stall.

    I are in Taiwan nows

  2. I only used the urinals when I was there… Didn’t have time to take a dump.

  3. Hmm seeing the capsule picture, can one actually see who’s sleeping in it? O.o;

    And invite me too if you’re going again zomgz!!

  4. There’s this curtain thingy with a hook you can pull down for privacy.

    I’m already starting to save up, albeit slower ._.

  5. I wanna go Area 11 too!!! *hinthint*

    Wants gurren shirt too T_T

  6. I can be your tour guide ^^

    Unfortunately by the time you do get there, it might already be sold out or phased out for other goods.

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