October 6, 2007 at 3:35 am | Posted in Anime, Clannad | 3 Comments




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  1. I watched the raw of this, and am eagerly waiting for the subs to finish downloading. :3

    I’ve fallen in love with Tomoyo. x3
    I also like Kotomi a whole lot, but she didn’t show up in this episode…

  2. I’m at a toss between Tomoyo and Kyou, since they’re both have the Tsun-tsun factor which I absolutely adore. Watching Kyou and Ryou was like seeing Kagami and Tsukasa all over again, lawl.

  3. There are some strange coincedences there. O.o

    Maybe Lucky Star was secretly practice for Clannad? Personally, I think that Tomoya kind of resembles Konata in a way, and there’s the two purple-haired twins, too…

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