Top 100 Best Anime Songs

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[Eclipse] Claymore – 23 (XviD) [BC50C579]

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Claymore Manga

This, Madhouse, is how you should have made Rigardo’s last moment look like. Instead, we get a watered down version of Clare spamming her flash sword to finish off the Lion King, which really spoiled it for me. Ever since they omitted the fight scene between Flora and Clare, it was obvious Madhouse was going to do things their way from then onwards. True enough, we’ve got the whole story messed up in some way, with Isley heading to Pieta with Raki instead of towards south, and not to mention the part Raki discovers that Priscilla is an Awakened Being.

No, he should be going south with you.




Poor Lion King got owned with such a cheap move ;_;

Sigh, I don’t hold it out against Madhouse for changing the plot, since they had to make it fit the 26 episode quota and end things differently than it should. Then again, I would have very much preferred if they gave us a cliffhanger ending and proceed with with season 2(which is easier said than done of course, considering the pace of the manga at this point) With 3 episodes to go, anything can happen, although the most obvious set of events will be where Clare finally faces off with Priscilla, and maybe awaken her four limbs there and then instead. How that would end is anyone’s guess, although I guess they could go for the BAD END, where everyone dies. =)

So yeah, instead of a review of this episode, I’m actually just ranting over the fact certain stuff got changed. >_>

Shin out.

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