how do i gotten pwnt

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Saimoe 2007

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Rozen Maiden Best Album – Leer Lied

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Word Of The Day : QUALITY

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[a.f.k.] Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – 04

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Nodame Cantabile 01

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Initially I wanted to write a summary of the entire series instead of going through it by episodes because I’d reckon that lots of them had already finished this series. I changed my mind later because I want to focus a little on the music performed in the series.

Reading from the title, those who had musical background could have guessed that it’s related to (classical) music.

This series is adapted from the manga with the same title, by Ninomiya Tomoko. Before the airing of this (anime) series, I had read about this manga gaining popularity in Japan and receiving awards as well. I was highly interested with a little doubt on how it would be as I was pretty unconvinced on how did Tomoko-san managed to display the ambience and characters of the mentioned pieces in the manga.

However, I did not read the manga; not even watching the dorama adapted from it as well. I only picked up the series when Shin was telling how good it is, even for someone who do not has any musical knowledge. Taking his words, I watched the first episode and boy, I was hooked!

Ore-sama Chiaki-sama.

As usual, the first few episodes will introduce the characters bit by bit. It might be a little boring for those who find it hard to appreciate classical music but with the comedian scenes (mostly Nodame’s unique reaction) injected into it makes the series alot livelier.

Nodame-chan ~

There were two pieces played in this first episode which are Mozart’s Sonata in D Major for two pianos; and Beethoven’s Pathetique. Both pieces were not alien to me as I had heard the former in Ouran High School Host Club (where Shiro played with the girl he likes – episode 6) while the latter was often played at the beginning of almost each episodes in Love Revolution dorama. I was even slightly trembling upon hearind the familiar tunes. There are other pieces used as background music but I can’t recognize any of them thus I do not know the pieces. If yuu want to find it out, yuu can check it out at wikipedia. I will only mention pieces that are played by the characters most of the time.

Playing Mozart’s sonata.

Another factor that made me really love this anime is the CG quality. It was impressive! It actually demonstrate all the accurate notes played on the keys, if yuu get what I mean. If yuu don’t, best is watch the series yurself. X3

Wonderful CG.



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gg sg

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