Falling For Autumn Anime

August 23, 2007 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Anime, Miscellaneous | 11 Comments


Yep, it’s that time again. Come September we will have a new lineup of shows, some highly anticipated, some a big surprise and some better than others. Here are some of the stuff I’d definitely be trying out.


Genshiken 2

Finally! I’ve been praying for a new season of this ever since it finished airing back in 2005. The so called second season that was subsequently announced turned out to be nothing but a spinoff of the anime series featured in the show itself, and the few OVAs released sparingly from time to time could not quench my thirst for this quintessential otaku slice-of-life anime series.


Shakugan no Shana 2

Despite being a self professed Rie Kugiyama fan, I’ve personally never seen this show, despite it being the latter’s more popular works >< Hopefully they do a recap of the previous season, but then again, I pretty much know the gist of the story, so I guess it wouldn’t matter too much. Just like Rozen Maiden and Nanoha, I actually watched the 2nd season first xD


You’re Under Arrest ! Full Throttle

This show really brings back memories, as it was among the first few anime I watched when I first got into it, circa 2002. Can’t wait to see Miyuki and Natsumi come out from retirement and stop crime in their unique and often humorous manner.


Gundam 00

Despite the travesty that was Gundam SEED Destiny, Sunrise attempts to revive the franchise with yet another installment of their flagship brand under the an entirely new production team(yeah no more F***ing Fukuda), although I’m not sure about bringing in Loveless’ character designer(pretty boys overload bleargh)


Kodomo no Jikan

You know, despite being lolicon, I’ve not seen that many loli themed shows, but I’m really excited about this one. Based on the controversial manga of the same name, this series features Kokonoe Rin, a third grader who has a crush on her class teacher. What’s so bad, you ask? Let’s just say it never made it to the States as originally planned, due to inappropriate content(it’s not Hentai) Well, just read the manga to know what the controversy is all about. =)



No real clue on what this show is about, other than the fact it’s based on a visual novel from the same people who brought us Air and Kanon and that it’s being animated by Kyoto Animation, which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve neglected harem shows lately, but I guess it’s high time to get sucked right back in this fall with Clannad.

That sums up all the notable shows for autumn. although titles like the new Da Capo, Prism Ark, Kimi Kiss and Maple Story(wtf) should be worth taking note as well. Shin out.


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  1. Eto….nothing really interests me here…it’s either sequels of shows I haven’t watched or lolicon stuff or harem slice-of-lifes….-_- Guess I’ll wait a bit into the season and see how the reviews turn out. I’m only keeping up with 2 Summer season anime and I’m about 3 eps behind….:( gomen ne Shin senpai everytime I try to write something I realize it’s either outdated or uninteresting….OTL

  2. Doesn’t matter, just post whatever you like. ^^

  3. Yay, Clannad is finally out! Been dying to watch even though i haven’t finish Kanon. LOL.

    It’s a surprise to see another season of You’re Under Arrest! I only watched the one aired on AXN, didn’t get to see the first season.

    Seems like I will go for this recent installment of Gundam. <<– sucker for GOOD pretty boys.

    omg. the spring and summer anime also i haven’t finish. how to watch these? =_=

  4. Good taste. x3 I’ll be watching Kodomo no Jikan and Clannad no matter what, myself.

  5. Something’s not right. I remember seeing Kiddy Grade 2 in Spring’s list but I don’t see it anywhere… Also, where is my Code Geass season 2?!

  6. Uh, I want Loveless 2! :P Anyway, gosh, looks like it’ll be another year (or more) before I can start watching Geass. Dammit, lol.

    Oh and new chara designer for Gundam = awesome! No offence, but I hated those in GS/D, especially the females. -_-

  7. Hooray for imminent yaoi doujins of Gundam OO male leads!

  8. Also I thought Haruhi 2 was scheduled for Fall 07….guess they were mistaken….

    No news of Code Geass season2 yet eh….:(

  9. Same for Rebuild of Eva…D:

  10. Instead of Haruhi 2, we’re getting Clannad. As for EVA, I couldn’t care less, lawl.

  11. مره حلوه

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