[BSS-Anon] Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – 21 [704×400][XviD][CCF9A1A8]

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Though the first half of this episode is essentially a filler, it does highlight the side of now mature Yoko, which makes her much hotter than she ever was before. As if a mirror image of Mizuho of Onegai Sensei fame, Yoko appears to all of us in her teacher getup, which is nothing short of breathtaking.

Onegai Yamako Sensei

Onegai, Yamako Sensei!

Bear in mind, this takes place only about a year before the current events, so this time of tranquility is short lived, as is this post, which is why I’ll post caps instead of describing what happens during the first half. Lawl.

Making a sudden transition from her milf-like teacher appearance back to her old hot blooded self after a sudden attack by 2 bandits, Yoko rushes back to Kamina City to free Simon. She arrives just in time to intercept Nia, much to Simon’s relief. Simon then forms an unlikely pact with Viral who agrees to help the latter save Earth from being destroyed, with the old Gurren brigade in tow.

Badass Yoko is badass.

Just as the Arc Gurren is under siege from heavy Anti Spiral fire, our heroes manages to arrives just in time(that’s that phrase again) to save the day, paving way to most inspiring scene since Simon’s Rebirth® back in episode 15, which concludes this week’s episode. Shin out.



Oh so manly!


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