Sieg Heil Xedo

August 20, 2007 at 12:49 am | Posted in Miscellaneous, Odex | 4 Comments


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  1. I think that Xedo holocaust short flash clip was excellent. :)

  2. I think linking the recent events to the Holocaust is uncalled for. I am not a fan of Odex but saying they are commiting a Holocaust is rather in poor taste.

  3. Rally the Allys!!!! Get ready for D-Day!!! We can the Japanese, American and Malaysian Otakus to band together and form an army to overthrow that facist bastard. lolololololololol

  4. NCH videos are WIN. I’vr gone through nearly all his videos and they all rock. It’s hard to believe these people are not proffesionals.

    Visit his gallery for more flash mdness!!! :D

    [/shameless plug]

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