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  1. He is such a bad liar… How did 15 days (1 Aug – 15 Aug) became 2 months?

    He malu-ed (sexpose) his own self for the 2nd time in a row!

  2. XDDDDD ROFTLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pwned. :D

  3. Sigh, it was never my intention to defame Uncle Sing or anything, but merely to inform people what is going on in the republic’s anime community right now. Oh well, lawl.

  4. […] all who is free please take a look at this… […]


    I wrote that comment almost 2 months ago, so when my friend told me what was happening, I can’t even remember it

    Those who are/were odexed was caught form downloading materials more than 2 months ago, so when they received the letter, they can’t even remember what they have downloaded.

    Mr Sing felt that his comments had been “taken out of context”. Some bloggers post irresponsibly, because they think they can say anything they want because they can do it anonymously.

    Odexed felt that their comments had been “taken out of context”. Mr Sing post irresponsibly (gloating), because he think he can say anything he want because he can do it anonymously.

    In hindsight, Mr Sing said he must take some of the blame for this comments, because he got “quite carried away.

    Can those odexed say in hindsight they download because they got carried away? Isn’t “ignorance is not an excuse” your tag line?

    It’s caused a lot of stress for me my friends, facing so much public hatred

    Those odexed/potentially are facing alot of stress regrading the inevitable letter. And coming out with the fine or legal phobia.

  6. We can always say that all the flaming remarks about him were were written 2 months ago and we can’t remember it at all.

    The flaming comments made were “taken out of context” as they were only meant as jokes because we got carried away as we just had a bad day at work…

  7. omg. i seriously never expect such high traffic on this blog due to mr sing. X3

  8. roflmao. fucktard sing sux as a liar.

  9. Retribution
    what you gave others is coming back claim you for despicable acts, its plain to see his just a money hungry business man taking the easiest and cuthroat way to earn the most from animefans.
    Using the “in defences for anime industry” and using his family and friend as a shield and smoke screen.

    come on you think we were born yesterday.

  10. I will not threaten Stephen Sing but if I have the opportunity to meet him one to one, I will tell him this one sentence

    “May you live long to remember what you have done to your fellow singapore otakus”

    quote modify from “300(movie) King Leonidas to Ephialtes on 3rd day of battle”

  11. i think he is pathetic… He is making companies like Starhub to give out their customer’s information. Sucking $$ and blaming others abt his co. bad sales. He shld reflect on the way he does biz. Crapped up person.

    May anime lovers unite and fight this war 2gether. >D

  12. To Mr. $ing,

    Mayb someone didn’t tell u or you choose to ignore this, you are money sucker LEECH. Extorting money from hapless fans, student and children, is worst off then pirates that rob, because only the worst scumb will rob these poeple.

    You think you are happy with your $1-3K off these people, let me tell you, you will not keep it for long when the tide turn against you and your company. Lawsuit will come, the anime comapny will distance and not associate with you, face with huge bill,you will wonder what when wrong.

    I dont give a damm if you can sue me, not giving people a choice and expecting people to buy low quality product to buy from your company, is not a god business model.

    Suing people to pay is even worse, only Loser of the loser do that. And Mr. $ing that is you.

  13. I think Mr Sing won;t give a shxx of what the community has to say or anyones opinion of him on the recent drama when he has all the zeros stocking up behind his account book. Lets not forget starhub and singtel had fail their customer miserably against the likes of him and his case. if we analyze this rationally, by downloading from a fan sub to watch a good animation that was screen yesterday, is as good as borrowing a taped anime my friend recorded for me yesterday coz I missed it or unable to view it since eg my house tv atenna is damage. along the way, my friend sub the show which I love so that I can understand since the language is not one that I am fimilar with. I watch and be happy about it, then I deleted it off. This is our private undertaking which I dun see how Mr Sing case come into play. Odex doesn’t even have a product of yesterday episode screen on tv, how can he sue us for downloading and watching something that he is not even able to sell and we are not able to buy. So we have to pay damages that affect his profit for something in the future when odex eventually able to sell 6 to 12 month down the road ? Its questionable, but who has the right to judge if a person who watch the show now will not buy the series he love when it become available in hard media with nice boxes, well printed cds, ifpi imprint, with a nice legal censorshipboard sticker when the disc become available ? Deserve to mention, that odex has fail miserably to provide such quality even eventually the content is made available for purchased. My personnal taiwan and hongkong import on the other hand made odex product look like cheap and low quality pirated disc which shames my display shelve (of course, that is side issue). So is it fair for the anime community to bear a punishment by accessing content on an avenue open up on the internet for something that cannot be purchased by money ? so the human and moral part aside, its still illegal to watch content you are not entitled to, and the sad thing is, we have Mr Sing to exploit that to his and company own benefit for our region. Too bad, so sad guys and gals, we just have to wait miserably for the episode we love since a sunny country like ours is cater for creative business man like Mr Sing.

  14. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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